There are a number of business organizations, which can be seen issuing a report of CSR along with their yearly financial report. The report of CSR has key concentration on the social activities that are non- financial by its very nature, and mostly holds the tendency to make contribution positively all across nature.
There is no denial in the fact that in the present setting of business practices, there is entwining of CSR in the strategic planning process of a number of multinational companies. The key drive or reasons in relation with social responsibility towards the responsibility of environment and human can still be under doubt, whether being on the basis of a genuine interest or having to underline ulterior factors of motivation. In terms of fundamentality, corporations are entities holding the key responsibility to generate a service and/ or product for gaining profits such that there is satisfaction of shareholder.

The basic function of any business organization is focused on the production of high level sustained profits. The underlying essence is for earning profits in the best way possible while maintaining consistency to survive as a system of economic. Further ahead, absence of profits cannot be considered as the only thing that results in the destruction of business. Revolution, hostile legislation and bureaucratic ossification seem to be doing a pretty good job. There can be thriving of the business organization only in an environment of personal freedom and political democracy. These hold the requirement of a pluralistic society, when power, opinion and variety is divided and separated and not centralized, or unified. For contributions of the time of employees, more or less there are no benefits of tax vis-à-vis the payment of wages made for the employees. Wages can be deducted for the purposes of tax irrespective of the fact, if employees consider volunteering their time and effort. When their time is volunteered by employees, there is mostly an association of cost while reducing the level of productivity.

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