商业论文代写-言语行为策略。言语行为可以看作是交际中的功能单位。它是说话者在说出一个特定单词后所采取的行动。在这种情况下,英语中有两种指令。他们是直接版和警察版。人们总是试图保持礼貌,这是为了保持他们在这种情况下的整体亲和力。这是基于一个情况的幸福条件。在许多情况下,说话者所说的话和说话者的意图是不一样的。根据事件的社会背景,它们会有所不同。在这个分析中观察到许多隐藏的模式。说话者的意图可能是讽刺的,也可能是用他们的话来掩盖真正的意图(Muller, 2000)。有些人小心翼翼地或老练地使用这些词,因此从未真正表达过他们在对话中的真实感受。他们对周围的人做了一场演讲。接下来论文范文商业论文代写-言语行为策略分享给留学生阅读。

A speech act can be considered to be a functional unit in communication. It is the actions that is undertaken by the speaker after uttering a specific word. In this context, within the English language there are two kinds of directive. They are direct and police version. People invariable try to be polite and this to maintain their overall amiability of the situation. This is based on the felicity conditions of a situation. In many situations the actual words spoken by the speaker and the intention intended by the speaker are not the same. They are found to vary based on the social context of the events. There are many hidden modalities that have been observed in this analysis. Speakers’ intent may be sarcastic or they may hide what the true intentions are with their words (Müller, 2000). Some people use the words guardedly or diplomatically and hence never really express what they truly feel in a conversation. They essentially put on a speech act to the people around them.
Directive aspect of speech is intended by one speaker to the other in order to make the other person halt a particular action they have been doing. The notion of the person speaking is to make the other person stop their action and heed to their words. It has been found that each cultural interpretation of an event is based on the social appropriateness. People tend to focus on any one aspect of their speech in order to ensure that they are polite. Performances which are under this context meet the primary requirements of the felicity conditions. It was found that in this context the individuals with opposing views tended to develop directive speech patterns.
Representative aspect of a speech is considered to be the act of informing another person about a fact. This was implicitly observed when the people started to agree on the talking points with each other. In commisive speech conditions is when the speaker wants to commit towards something. They essentially state how their actions will be in the future. It is a promise of undertaking a certain task. Expressive speech condition is to express the emotion of the speaker. They can express emotions about a particular context. This could be the act of expressing gratitude or thanking another person for a particular aspect. Declaration aspect of the speech conditions explains or divulges in detail about what the person declares. This could similar to the judge declaring or rendering a particular judgment. Speech act strategy is a strategy that is based on the age, social status, social distance and the culture of a person. It is not limited to any one variable. It is based on a multitude of analysis that is a combination of personal ideals, requirement or the context of the situation and the ideals of the culture. This is affected in the way in which a person communicates with the other.

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