The focus had remained on undertaking the research about the motivations of visitors to Valencia with consideration to the best practices of research and ethical code of conduct. The journal articles were obtained through the journal database to ensure that relevant, credible and reliable sources are utilized in the research. The journal articles that are used in this project report and reviewed for undertaking the research are published on and after 2013. This criteria was emphasised to ensure that the latest information and data are identified to maximize the advantages of the literature review. Furthermore, the ethical research was undertaken in the interview method of the project. The participants of this study were made aware of the voluntary participation form. First, the questions were designed with the consideration of the target participants being visitors to Valencia. Then, the criteria of their origin and age was applied to ensure that only the visitors to Valencia ranging from 20 to 50 are included to understand the reason behind their visit and subsequently identifying the motivations. This was followed by the uploading of survey along with the ethical consent disclaimer and voluntary nature of participation across the website and emails. The individuals were sent a standard close ended and structured questionnaire survey digitally and were asked to send back the responses on the questionnaire by answering on the 1 to 5 ranged Likert Scale. This instrument of data collection provides with the consolidated answer of the participant in values which identify whether the responses are in agreement or disagreement of the questions. The methodology employed in this research ascertained that the identity of any participants are not revealed and the anonymity of the participant’s information retains.

Total of 10 participants were recruited for this study through uploading the questionnaire at the The participants were recruited on the basis of their last visit to Valencia and their home to be located in Europe. This allowed to ensure that all the participants within the study are visitors of Valencia and not locals. The technique used within this research project was the random sampling method. This was possible as the focus within the population sampling was on the individual to be a traveller and of European origin. Age was another criteria that was considered in the sampling of the participants. Therefore, the age of sample population ranges from 20 years to 50 years. This criteria was undertaken to ensure that visitors of all age groups are included within the research and an overview of the factors that commonly motivate them to visit Valencia. The response rate achieved with the use of the was 100 per cent. It was found that the 10 out of 10 respondents had responded to the questionnaire survey. Therefore, all the participants that were initially reached through the SurveyMonkey, com and email had replied to the survey. The participants were made aware of the voluntary nature of the survey and the research. This was ensured through providing with a disclaimer and declaration along with the questionnaire.

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