增加市场份额的场所。国际市场提供了一个平台,一个组织可以以有效的方式增加其市场份额。国际市场影响力提供了一个平台,组织可以增加其产品和服务的需求,因为有大量不同类型的客户需求。此外,国际市场为开发具有标准质量的创新提供了机会,以获得竞争优势(Trivikram, 2016)。例如,Glidepath公司在国际市场上通过创新体系提高了产品和服务质量。该公司与印度、美国和不同的亚洲国家签订了不同的贸易协议,为国际机场提供行李服务。与国际市场相比,Glidepath公司在国内市场增加客户基础和市场份额的机会较少(教育部,2018c)。此外,公司在相关行业找到了新的研发位置,这是公司在相关国际行业中增加市场份额和声誉的新的关键成功因素。

一个获得巨额投资回报的地方:在国际市场中,组织获得从其投入的资本中获得良好回报的机会。技术创新和新产品使组织能够在多元化的环境中吸引更多的客户。在这种情况下,客户数量的增加提高了组织在更大的市场中增加收入的能力(Kontinen和Ojala, 2011)。国际扩张使各组织能够在发展支出和资本投资方面提高业务效率。例如,Glidepath在博伊西机场成功运营了一个项目,在德克萨斯州拥有一个完全集成的制造工厂。

评估人才的机会,通过在国际市场上拓展业务活动,组织获得了在大型竞争对手中评估其人才和能力的机会。他们有机会在大型竞争对手中提高自己的能力。此外,组织可以从其他竞争公司获得机会,以提高他们在市场上的形象。例如,《财富》500强公司(Fortune 500 Company)向Glidepath提供了大量资本,以管理其地理覆盖范围。在这方面,全球扩张为组织提供了一个大的平台来评估他们的人才竞争对手(教育部,2018年)。

A place to increase the market share,The international market provides a platform where an organization can increase its market share in efficient manner. International market influence provides a platform where the organizations can increase the demand of their products and services as there are a huge number of customers with different types demand. In addition, the international market provides an opportunity to develop innovations with standard quality to gain the competitive advantages (Trivikram, 2016). For instance, Glidepath Company improved its products and service quality with innovative system in the international market. The company made different trade agreement with India, America and different Asian countries to provide its baggage services to the international airports. There were lower opportunities for Glidepath Company in its domestic market as compared to international market to increase the customer base and market share (Ministry of Education, 2018c). In addition, the company identified a new place for research and development in the associated industry, which is new critical success factor for the company to increase its market share and reputation in the associated international industry.

A place to get huge return on investment: In an international market, the organizations acquire the opportunities to get good return from their invested capital. The technological innovation and new products enables the organization to attract more customers in a diverse environment. In this concern, the increased number of customers improves the capabilities of an organization to increases its revenue in a larger market place (Kontinen and Ojala, 2011). International expansion enables the organizations to increase their operational efficiency in term of development expenditure and capital investments. For example, Glidepath operated a successful project at Boise Airport with entirely integrated manufacturing plant in Texas.

Opportunity to assess the talent: The organizations get opportunity to assess their talent and capabilities among the big competitors through expanding their business activities in the international market. They get the opportunity to increase their capabilities among the big competitors. In addition, the organizations can gain the opportunities from other competitive firms to increase their image in the market. For instance, Fortune 500 Company approached to Glidepath to manage its geographic coverage with offering substantial amount of capital. In this concern, the global expansion provides a big platform to the organizations to assess their talent among the competitors (Ministry of Education, 2018).





一群人都相信一个人的情况确实很可怕。他基督般的外表吸引了来自世界各地的追随者,尽管这位主持人定期穿插幽默和讽刺来对抗他的怀疑态度。在庆祝好果子的节日期间,维萨里翁的追随者要求人们放下相机,表明他们过分重视自己的老师,让外人来记录他的布道。这可以被正确地称为宗教独裁,被洗脑的邪教追随者拒绝与外部世界正常融合(Stevens & Price, 2000)。Vissarion的世界是一个理想的厌恶女性的父权制世界,男人被认为是创造者,女人被认为是他们的助手。有趣的是,即使是上了年纪的妇女也不觉得有必要质疑维萨里翁的教学方式,这表明他神一般的外表确实吸引了所有人。

As a social animal, man understands his position in the society that works with a specific force of cohesion and explores sense of brotherhood. Peace is a possible by-product that one wishes to achieve irrespective of social parameters. Cognitive scientists believe that religion may have emerged and gained significance due to natural selection or is an evolutionary by-product. It is fear, opines psychologists that bind individuals to a particular religious subscription and it is that fear which compels them to believe in something most willing to achieve the greater good. Spirituality aims to explore and recognize the true potential of an individual irrespective of the religious subscriptions and ideology. Vissarion’s followers believe that spirituality is attainable through understanding the true meaning of his teachings that ponders on consequence and an unequal exchange of sorts.

A situation where a large number of people having faith in one man is indeed scary. His Christ-like appearance appeals to followers from around the globe although the host sprinkles regular dosages of humor and sarcasm to combat his skeptic attitude. During the celebration of the Holiday of Good fruits, Vissarion’s followers asked individuals to put their camera down suggesting that they regard their teacher excessively to let outsiders record his sermon. This can rightly be termed as religious dictatorship where brainwashed cult followers refuse to merge normally with the outside world (Stevens & Price, 2000). Vissarion’s world is ideally a misogynist patriarchal world where Men are believed to be Creators and women are supposedly their assistants. It is interesting to note that even aged women do not feel the need to question Vissarion’s ways of teaching suggesting that his God-like appearance indeed appeals everyone.





许多学生已经沉迷于电子游戏,因此训练学生以有益于他们的方式使用电子游戏是合乎逻辑的。Navaneetham & Chandran(2018)研究了200名学生对视频和网络游戏的上瘾,发现17.5%的学生对视频游戏上瘾。至少19%的人玩电子游戏的时间超过3个小时。在50%使用电子游戏的学生中,只有18%的人在玩游戏。“在过去的几十年里,主要的儿童在街上玩已经从公共空间的公共空间玩,学校码,这的确在最后两年里改变了室内游戏,尤其是在自己的卧室[…]如电视、视频、dvd、游戏机”(Navaneetham & Chandran, 2018, p . 208)。因此,难怪很多学生都在玩电子游戏和其他游戏机。Navaneetham和Chandran(2018)的研究表明,有一半的学生使用电子游戏,因此教授学生控制和谨慎,以及让他们使用电子游戏为他们带来好处的方法变得相当合理。在当代,电子游戏非常流行,每个人都喜欢玩。电子游戏的受欢迎程度也通过移动应用程序得到了提升。因此,不可能取消所有学生对电子游戏的访问权限,唯一可能的是控制访问权限。

The essay makes the argument that university students can indeed benefit from video games but only if they make use of video games in a controlled manner. The essay will support this argument with three blocks of discussion. The first supportive argument is that many students are already playing video games and hence it is logical to train students to use video games in ways that will benefit them. The second argument made is that some students are already making use of video games and are reaping benefits in a controlled environment and similar models of development can be created for other student communities as well. The final argument made is that some vulnerable students fall prey to addictive gaming and hence control is required. This is needed to moderate or check negative effects.

Many students are already indulging in video games and hence it is logical to train students to use video games in ways that will benefit them. Navaneetham & Chandran (2018) explored the addiction of video and internet games in 200 students and identified that 17.5 percent of students were addicted to videogames. At least 19 percent were playing video games for three hours or more. In the 50 percent of students who reported using video games, only 18 percent were playing the game with control. “Over the past few decades, the predominant site of children’s play has moved from public space on the street to a public space in the play grounds, school yards, this indeed over last two decades has changed to indoor games, particularly in their own bedrooms […] such as television, video, DVDs, game consoles” (Navaneetham & Chandran, 2018, p. 208). Therefore, it is no wonder that many students are using video games and other gaming consoles. Navaneetham & Chandran (2018) study shows that half the student population use video games, and hence it becomes quite logical to teach control and caution to students, and ways of making their video game usage work for their benefit. In contemporary times, video games are quite popular, and everybody tends to play them. The popularity of the video games has also risen through mobile apps. Therefore, it would be impossible to remove access to video games for all students, the only thing possible is controlled access.










It was evident by Marxist theorists that they agreed that the mass media had the ideological power which is used for the disagreement of the nature. These Marxist theorists tried to make distinction between the subject and the object of the situation. There are oft quoted discussions as to how individuals are a product of nature and they derive the subject based on cultures. In the case of Marxist ideology, individuals are considered to be bearers of the position which impact the effect of social relations of people. Media theorists try to explore about the political function of mass media texts as a factor which is about the pre-existing structure. Marxists media is about political functions of the pre-existingstructure.

In this structure, the people need to understand the Marxist theory is a popular ideology which is celebrated in masses. However, people have the capitalist system. There is the innate yearning for other systems. The irony of people in capitalistic society wondering about socialism policies has been detailed in this analysis. This was not experience by people which is detailed in this schema. Owing to this, there is discussion about nuances of Marxism. Again, this movie epitomizes “what if” question as to socialism in society. Other than the quintessential rebel is explored by people there were not any real theories which are embedded. They are given features of voyeurism in this movie.






她不再觉得这婚姻有什么意思了。她非常需要帮助,情绪很低落。从她的家庭背景可以明显看出,她是一个思想新潮的女性。她认为男女双方都有平等的权利和机会。她体贴周到,使自己感到舒适,但暴露在家庭虐待(Harrower, 2014)。这主要是因为性别差异。


Gender relation was supposed to be structure in the traditional times. Man was the breadwinner and maintains the control on family and other members in society. Woman takes the responsibility to maintain the household and care for the family member. Their roles and activities had greater changes in the traditional days. Applying these traditional concepts to the troubled marriage between Esther and Stan, it is seen that he confines himself to the gender roles as per traditional ideologies.

He controls/ dominates his wife and does not get pleased. He remains in his world without being questioned by others. However, Esther belongs to a wealthy family and finds that this marriage arrangement can become interesting as days pass by. However, she only realized its bitterness when the gender stereotyping went to its abnormal stage. She tried all possible ways to nurture him and handle his friends and neighbours to please him. Unfortunately, she was left to stay at home all the time.

She did not find the marriage interesting anymore. She desperately wants some help and is emotionally down. From her family background, it is evident that she is a woman with modern ideas. She believes that both the genders have equal rights and opportunities. She is thoughtful and makes herself comfortable, but is exposed to domestic abuse (Harrower, 2014). It is mainly because of the gender differences.

She wants to be treated fairly with proper respect and wants a better life with independence similar to his life. That did not happen. She could not gain control over the family and she has to be flexible every time. On the other hand, Stan did not want to be flexible or please her. He is clear on his path. This is the most unfortunate aspect in the story that shows the differences in gender roles in traditional and modern times. This ends up in a troubled life and they take different decisions out of disinterest.




研究还发现,长时间使用手机的上大学的成年人患有失眠和焦虑(Jenaro, Flores和Gomez-Vela 314-315)。长期使用手机还有其他更严重的影响,比如患听神经瘤的几率,这是一种脑瘤(Lonn, Ahlbom和Hall 657)。人们也被发现在所有的组成方面变得更加冲动,如注意力冲动,运动冲动和非计划冲动,行为上瘾,如手机(Siddiqui和Ali 53)。

有几项研究指出了长时间使用手机对健康的直接和间接影响。然而,手机使用的另一个有趣的方面是它对青少年及其行为的影响。随着韩国青少年过度使用手机,网络成瘾和通过手机识别自己的行为显著增加(Ha et al. 784)。此外,他们还患有人际交往能力不足、自尊心下降和抑郁。一项针对马德里青少年社区的研究显示,手机使用与女性性别、吸烟、酗酒和学业失败等因素有很强的相关性(Sanchez-Martinez和Otero 135)。



It is also seen that college going adults who use mobile phones for prolonged periods suffer from insomnia and anxiety (Jenaro, Flores and Gómez-Vela 314-315). There are other more serious effects of long-term mobile use like odds of developing acoustic neuroma, a type of brain tumour (Lönn, Ahlbom and Hall 657). People are also found to become more impulsive in all the constituent facets like attentiveness impulsiveness, motor impulsiveness and non-planning impulsiveness with behavioural addictions like cell phones (Siddiqui and Ali 53).

There are several researches that point towards direct and indirect health effects of using cell phones for prolonged periods of time. However, another intriguing dimension of cell phone use is the effect it has on teenagers and their behaviour. With excessive cell phone use among Korean adolescents, internet addiction and identifying themselves through their phone has significantly increased (Ha et al. 784). Furthermore, they also suffer from deficient interpersonal skills, lower self-esteem and depressions. A study of adolescent communities of Madrid showed strong correlation of cell phone usage with the female gender, smoking tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption and school failure among other factors (Sánchez-Martínez and Otero 135).

Thus, there is ample evidence that excessive use of cell-phones has several health impacts. Some of these impacts are direct like the impact of electromagnetic radiations on central nervous system and brain and increased risk of brain tumour. However, other impacts are not so direct. Cell phone based behavioural addiction often spurs other types of addiction like excessive use of tobacco and alcohol and not to mention internet addiction. In terms of behavioural changes, people become impulsive and aggressive. The teens however also experience stunted development especially in terms of interpersonal interaction. They exhibit signs of depression, inability to interact with others and preference of solitude over social gatherings.

Essentially all these point towards a deficient health which seeps into other aspects of well-being, one of them being their impact on productivity.






Zara has grown into a major apparel brand in the affordable luxury category. A major portion of this credit goes to its wondrous handling of quality management, wherein it makes customer satisfaction its priority. The company understood, right from beginning, that if customer expectations are to be met, it must indulge deeper to crystallize its quality management principles. Thus, their whole purpose of existence was to identify all kinds of customer expectations, existent and perceived, and make its internal quality management in accordance and align with customer expectations.

Zara decided to put its internal quality principles in place, assuming it would manifest into an outward quality movement. Foremost of all, Zara identified its internal process of working, the supply chain and its constraints and abundance in supporting the replacement time of new stocks in stores, and its process monitoring methodology. Processes were identified which directly impacted the entire supply chain process, and eventually the product quality and customer expectations. This would pre-resolve process disruptions when it is required to be the most vigil. In particular, the company classified processes that conveyed everything about customer expectations, giving them new meaning into understanding the consumer mind. Extensive and continuous observation led to process refinement, after which a fixed process was laid out for the employees to follow. All decisions of the content of the process was to be based on its ability and applicability to outreach customer expectations. This supported their ideal strategy of winning customers with their undoubted willingness to serve.



代写essay格式要求和写作方法解析。中国留学生想要写出一篇高分的essay,首先就要了解essay的格式要求和写作方法。因为格式要求体现了引用是否合理?是否有抄袭的情况发生?写作方法则是考察中国留学生的英文专业写作能力,那么代写essay格式要求和写作方法有哪些呢?接下来美国论文代写Advanced Thesis老师为留学生们做以下讲解。


1.代写essay格式要求一般为Harvard引用格式。Harvard引用格式已经成为一种国际性的学术规范。如果是APA格式是美国大学社会人文学科最常见的论文引用格式,那么哈佛引用格式在英国、欧洲其他国家和澳洲也具有同样的地位。 哈佛体系之所以被学术界所接受,因为它使用起来灵活、简洁、清晰,并且对作者和读者来说都较为方便。


按照作者姓名、年份、书名、出版地、出版社。例如:White, R.( 1988). Advertising: What it is and How to do it. 2nd ed. London: McGrawhil.每个reference之间要隔一行。








此外,在写作abstract的时候,一定要知道abstract的目的是什么,简而言之,一个合格的abstract要简短,并且能够让读者第一时间知道 你在文章中写了什么。abstract要对你文章中的所有论点和论文标题进行概括地总结延伸,这是 abstract的重要一步,要给予充分重视。但是,我们要知道,并不是每篇essay都要写abstract,如果需要写,大多数老师都会提 前说明。


essay的 introduction部分,一般字数要求为文章总字数的10%即可,一段内容足矣,切忌分成两段来写。Introduction在写作的时候,第一句 和第二句需要对文章的题目进行详细的解释说明,接下来要介绍文章题目的写作背景,接下来,就需要写你文章中将要写的内容,对所有的论点简单概括一下,美国论文代写Advanced Thesis老师在此提醒留学生们需要注意的是,论文题目选择后要有侧重地写,文章范围铺的越宽泛写作越缺乏针对性,导致文章内容分散,观点不集中,内容不深入,思想不深刻。


essay的body部分,也就是文章中需要重点写作的部分,是文章的主体部分,这部分需要对文章中的论点进行详细大家解释说明,一般要求每个论点的解说分为一段, 还有一点需要注意,body部分的人称不能使用i,she,he,当然,如果涉及到举例子是可以使用的。


essay的conclusion部分,也就是文章的结尾部分,一般为文章总数的10%即可,conclusion要求简短,概括性强,一段足矣。首先用一两句话对 文章的题目进行总结,并结合题目说说自己的看法和想法,接下来需要重点总结文章中所出现的论点,每个论点都要总结到,但是总结需要简短,一个论点一句话就可以了。

综上所述就是代写essay格式要求和写作方法解析。美国论文代写Advanced Thesis是一家专业的美国论文代写平台机构,而且论文代写价格公平合理,擅长写作科目广泛,有硕士论文代写、美国代写、essay代写、assignment代写等论文服务,良好的口碑和信誉、丰富的论文代写经验值得留学生选择和信赖!


美国论文代写检查修改论文作业的技巧有哪些?留学生们在完成论文作业后都需要检查和修改,这样可以让论文作业更加精进和完善。那么留学生们在论文检查修改中需要掌握哪些技巧呢?接下来美国论文代写Advanced Thesis老师为留学生们做以下讲解。


2、 每段和每段间的连接,是否有紧密的链接句?连接是否自然?



5、 是否每个缩写都得到了解释?




7、你是否做到了Make every word count?



文章中应避免一些不确定的词语,如rather, quite, somewhat, probably, possibly, 等等. 删除那些不必要的不确定的词汇。这样,Adcom的人就更相信你说的内容,相信你很sure你自己是个qualified candidate.




以上就是美国论文代写检查修改论文作业的技巧解析。美国论文代写Advanced Thesis是一家专业的美国论文代写平台机构,而且论文代写价格公平合理,擅长写作科目广泛,有美国代写、essay代写、assignment代写等论文服务,良好的口碑和信誉、丰富的论文代写经验值得留学生选择和信赖!



Debord (1967) goes beyond by stating that in the current society, there is presentation of life as immensely accumulating spectacles. Everything that lived directly has ended up receding with representation. This is interpreted differently out of the word and has strong roots within the idea that reality can be considered as spectacle across a society. However, spectacle ends up manifesting itself, whether it be in terms of entertainment, advertisement or news. It has been representing and enforcing the dominant model that can be considered as a normative order. This helps in creating a link between spectacle and power. It can be considered as the key attribute of power for bringing about a system that is beneficial for the powerful, and it is the role played by spectacle for the enforcement of that system. This is accomplished by a number of different sources. First is in relation with the ideas of Barthes (1957) considering spectacle in the form of a distraction. While the powerful can be seen to reap the profits out of societies working across a rate that can be identified as disproportional for the skill and effort being put in. Those in the absence of power can be pacified in terms of spectacle, and this can be identified as a distraction for injustice.
When considering the setting initially, the Paris Attacks of November 2015, had been a number of well- coordinated attacks by terrorists that ended up taking place in Paris along with Saint- Denis that is its northern suburb. On that day, there had been a striking of three suicide bombers starting from 21:20 CET, in Saint Denis, near the Stade de France, followed by mass shootings and suicide bombings at a music venue, restaurants and cafes in the central part of Paris (Yong and Bale, 2015). The attackers ended up killing 130 individuals that included 89 individuals taking hostages at the Bataclan theatre prior to having an engagement with the police in a stand- off. It has been seen that social issues have a significant impact on youth, in terms of inequality, unemployment and education being offered as an excuse to these individuals. Looting trainers and TVs might not be identified as a logical response to unfairness of the society. However, it can be considered as anger in the initiation of action significant in this context, and not in context with what has been done by it.

论文范文美国论文代写-权力实施所发挥的奇观就为留学生分享到这里。美国论文代写Advanced Thesis平台机构擅长写作科目广泛,有硕士论文代写、美国代写、essay代写等论文服务,良好的口碑和信誉、丰富的论文代写经验值得留学生选择和信赖!