“David, I believe that in this world people must pay for their crimes. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you relations are; if you do wrong, you pay. I believe that. I have to” (Watson, 156).

This quote portrays the fact that how important family relations were to David and it also shows the interesting relation he had with his father Wesley. In this quote, Wesley had told David what he thinks should be right and wrong. Wesley has tried to teach his son and important lesson in life and wants. He had also proved this sentence to David when he had arrested his brother Frank and had locked him in his basement till further hearing from the court.

 “Oh, he arrested the usual weekly drunks, mediated an occasional dispute about fence lines or stray cattle, calmed a few domestic disturbances, and warned the town’s teenagers about getting rowdy in Wood’s Café, but by and large being sheriff of Mercer County did not require great strength or courage”(Watson, 105).

This paragraph explains the fact that Wesley was quite different from the usual cops and he was not like the stereotypical cop. It was due to the fact that he used to dress up in a manner which was different from a usual cop and he always carried a strong personality. Wesley insured that Justice was maintained within his jurisdiction and he did not want any crime or wrong activities in his area. It is evident from this quote that Wesley loved his father but he never respected him because he hates Wesley’s profession. Though Wesley had power and authority but he was rarely able to get hold of the big culprits who got away by tipping off and bribing officials.