Russia was opposed to the treaty. Soviet Union had been a delegate in the San Francisco conference. It was found that the Soviet Union was not in tandem with the proposals that was put forward by United States and United Kingdom. There were several attempts made by these nations to assuage the concerns of Russia to no avail. It was found that Russia in general did not agree to the terms and they had stated that there was no explicit mention of the rise of Japanese military. Russia had vehemently opposed to the treaty based on the Yalta Agreement and had stated that this treaty only added to the issues faced by the world. Apart from this, Russia had stated that China was not considered in this treaty negotiations. China was a victim of Japanese war crimes they were also not invited. These remarks of Russia brought to light the inherent confusions in policy between United States and United Kingdom. During this time, China was facing Civil war. There was a significant confusion over the ruling party of China. United States and United Kingdom each wanted to invite a different governmental form into the conference. United States had wanted to invite the Republic of China. This party was founded in Taiwan and America wanted this party to represent China. United Kingdom on the other hand wanted to invite the People Republic of China . United Kingdom and America were not able to reach a consensus as to who they wanted to invite to the conference. As a result, they did not invite both parties as a compromise. The People Republic of China denounced these treaty agreements on 15th August 1951 and again on 18th September 1951. There was separate agreements signed between China and Japan. The Sino Japanese treaty was signed at a later stage . These were however signed at a later state. However, this is not the scope of this research and these treaty and agreements were not signed for the next five years . The disagreements between the United Kingdom and United States were pronounced during this time.
Even though, these two nations were opposed to the treaty, the ending of this conference led to significant tensions between member allied nations. The most significant tensions were observed between the United Kingdom and America. Both these nations wanted to handle the issues of communism, Japan and state power from a different perspective. There were significant policy differences between these two nations. This was the reason for escalation of the tensions between these two nations.
This was pronounced by Eden and Dulles relationships. These two prominent politicians had caused significant issues between the nations.

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