Along with few of the drawbacks in academic and practical knowledge I lack command over my interpersonal skills that may bring me to a disastrous end. These drawbacks of my personality are lack of attentiveness, determination, gets promptly irritated, lack of technological knowledge, at some situations lack of confidence also emerges in me, I easily developed faith in others which can be dangerous in term of business, intense level of competition, easily give up things, lack of financial knowledge, less interest in time taking things etc. aside these weaknesses there are many more small drawbacks of that can hinder my path of success in the life whether it is personal or professional one. So I need to overcome all these negative aspects of my personality to become more successful in life.

  • Partial Knowledge about things
  • Lack of attentiveness
  • Lack of theoretical knowledge of Financial tools
  • Lack of patience
  • Not supportive at some extent
  • Lack of Interpretation
  • Need to work on skills like understanding, considering other’s view, evaluating them, focusing on set objective etc.