According to Kotter (1995) checklist for leading change, a leader is one that must create a vision for the company and must be able to communicate the vision. In the case of PA, the MD does indeed have the influence to lead by communicating a vision. He believes the happy culture within the work environment could only be sustained by bringing in individuals who inherently have the right attitude. Therefore, even if 50 percent can be training knowledge, at least 50 percent must be their self-attitude. Taking seasonal work at the place when he was younger Callahan knew how long hours among other things could destroy the morale of working with the company, and hence he strives for a company that would be focused on employee welfare always. The vision is paying off now, as it can be observed with the reduced turnover rates that indicate employee satisfaction.

According to Kotter (1995), such leaders empower people to act on the vision and institutionalize new approaches. In the case of PA, Callahan has empowered people by encouraging them to join unions and acknowledge their voice. Helping the employees find their voice through collective means is a strong empowerment, and encouraging it from the management end shows a form of institutionalization that is almost a new approach, because in most works one reads about how management has issues with unions. However, Callahan has encouraged them.
The purpose of this work was to analyse a case study, and understand the implications for indigenous learning population. Mainstream languages are often approached as a problem, a right or a resource. The case study and literature argument presented in this work is that mainstream language can be a problem or a resource. Language as experienced in the case study is closely connected with cultural transmissions and the aspect has been presented in parallel with teaching/learning implications. Both theoretical and practical aspects were included in the understanding of how loss of language and cultural transmissions over generations will gradually result in the loss of language forever and how mainstream language such as English can serve both as a problem and as a vehicle for promoting indigenous language teaching and learning.

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