essay代写-TARP资产救助计划的研究意义,TARP政策作为几项量化宽松政策的一部分,以找出其对股价的影响。具体而言,本研究关注的是2008年10月至2009年2月期间在富时100指数(FTSE 100 index)中上市的英国公司的股票走势。英国政府宣布了一项500亿英镑的刺激计划,用于购买英国私营部门的高质量问题资产。在此之前,富时100指数(FTSE 100)大幅下跌,以重振投资者的看法。由于金融机构处于全球金融危机的核心,这些机构的股价出现了相对较高的下跌。投资者震惊了。就在这段时间里,英国政府提出了这个非常规的问题资产救助计划(TARP)。接下来有关essay代写-TARP资产救助计划的研究意义分享给大家阅读。

The study focuses upon the TARP policy as an attribute of the several quantitative easing methods to find its impact upon the stock prices. Specifically, this study focuses upon the stock movements of UK companies that were listed on FTSE 100 index as on the period from October 2008 to February, 2009. The UK government had announced an induction of GBP 50 billion to purchase high quality stressed assets of UK’s private sector. The movement came after a huge fall in the FTSE 100 index in order to revitalise the investors’ perceptions. As the financial institutions were at the heart of the Global Financial Crisis, the stock prices of those institutions saw relatively higher fall. Investors were in startled position. In this course of time, UK’s government came up with this unconventional idea of TARP.

However, as an assumption of reviving the economy with TARP prevailed, this study has focused upon the actual scenario that had happened in that time. Therefore, the researcher has taken the stock prices of selected companies before the announcement and the stock prices of the same companies after the announcement to reflect the actual position of the stocks and then market perceptions. Based on the stock prices, the researcher has hypothetically assumed actual impact of the induction. Therefore, this study is significant to the extent of measuring the actual workability of the TARP.
The expectation of the researcher upon the topic has been to find a significant impact of TARP over market value of FTSE 100 companies. The researcher has specifically desired to derive at a solution over the topic. The hypotheses have been set as a way, where the researcher would be able to find a proper solution with a specific answer of yes or no.

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