There is a broad difference between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
– Dementia implies the symptoms that cause memory problems and affect the performance of a person to communicate and socialize with others.
– On the other hand, Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia which affects memory, cognition and language.
The disease worsens as the person ages. It is not a problem with the old age but a problem as the person continues to age and this is unavoidable. The treatments to control the symptoms are already available but they have not worked well to cure the disease. They also assure to temporarily control the worsening and improve overall quality of life. It is feasible to delay its inception but impossible to stop it from developing as the cause is unknown but the consequences are hazardous.
Some commonly identified causes of this disease include HIV, stroke, aggressive drug use and vascular disease. The direct damage to brain happens several years before symptoms are noticeable. The abnormal protein cells lead to formation of tangles and plaques in brain which leads to loss of connection between the cells. As the cells begin to die, brain achieves a shrinkage. In general, the disease is determined by an autopsy. People who face dementia exhibit involuntary movements.
Though Alzheimer’s disease is a broad area, the symptoms are quite similar to dementia. The treatment varies. When Alzheimer’s disease combines with dementia, the end result is fatal. The terminal illness does not have a proper remedy to rectify. People with Alzheimer’s disease are found to live up to 20 years and this is also a rare case. The communication disabilities are the reasons to the evolution of dementia. When unnoticed at a younger age, it can go fatal as the person ages. It affects by all means. The interaction with brain happens at a rapid pace such that the deterioration begins and worsens. It is also evident from the behaviour of a person. It shows a sudden transition of the person to do abnormal activities.

Alzheimer’s disease is all about the loss of synapses and neurons that form major part of cerebral region of brain. The loss of such neurons results in degeneration happening at 2 lobes – parietal and temporal. Tangles are identified as protein microtubular aggregates that find spaces within the cells whereas plaques are dense and are mostly present around the neurons. The oxidative stress is regarded as free radicals and this is an important pathology tenet of Alzheimer’s. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease face brain inflammation. Cerebrovascular issues develop with older patients who are already affected with Alzheimer’s disease.

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