A large number of media theorists have debated on the nature and impact the mobile gaming. Also, they have considered various mobile games on the minds of the players, and whether mobile gaming is an anti-social or a social activity. As per Elson et al. (2010), a majority of mobile games that are being developed at a rapid pace is increasingly social. The online mobile games form a trend that work against the mainstream portrayal of the mobile gamers by the media as being alone and isolated from the world around them that fails to engage with the outside world. The mobile games are played in very public and social settings. According to another researcher Band (2016), most mobile games are dynamically social because of the elaborate social chats or conversations that take place among the players of mobile games online in colossal multi-player game formats. Online mobile games encourage players to participate in one-to-one correspondence as well as many-to-many systems of communication. The online mobile games or online mobile gaming is not only massive but also social as well as intimate. However, the offline mobile games are somewhat antisocial and have started a trend. It works with the mainstream portrayal of the mobile gamers by the media as being alone and isolated from the world around them. It fails to engage well with the outside world.
A majority of researchers reject the media’s mainstream idea, portrayal or view that mobile gaming or mobile games are anti-social. There exists significant and considerable amount of research based evidence which proves that the Second Life helps principally to widen the life experiences of the people who already have a rich, satisfactory First Life. Researchers argue that the life experiences of people are enriched by some logical, puzzle based, social mobile games and strategy based mobile games. These mobile games do not act as a compensating way out or device for the people who are marginal loners.
The advent of the rapid advancements in mobile games gave birth to an innovative and creative media technology that allowed the users, customers or players to store, interpret, appropriate as well as recirculate media content. This media source can be used by the players or users as an alternative tool to gain easy access to data or information of their use as well as interest. The mobile gaming’s community aspect has also has various implications for collective behaviours as well as social interactions of players or customers engaged or involved in the gaming activity.

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