Interviewer Question 1 –What is meant by Research Techniques? Discuss the kind of Researches and explain them with the help of few examples?

Interviewee Answer –Research Techniques are the various ways, methods and criteria used for carrying out the research. There are basically two types of researches: Qualitative and Quantitative Researches. Quantitative Research is a method employed for research which involves study of statistical data and figures. It has to employ certain data analysis methods. Qualitative Research is a method which only involves quality level approach for research. It does not involve data and figures. We may take example for finding out a number of cancer patients in a city and level of cancer we need to do quantitative research. How has history influenced our present involves only the qualitative research process.

Interviewer Question 2 – What all steps are involved in a Research?

Interviewee Answer –The various steps involved in Research are:

  • Identifying the problem of research.
  • Reviewing the Literature.
  • Determining the hypothesis and objectives of research.
  • Collection of Data.
  • Analyzing and interpreting of Data.
  • Report Preparation and Evaluation.
  • Recommendations and writing the findings of research (Kothari, 2004).