The strength of direct marketing in the case of the Taiwanese environment is based on the same differentiation point of direct marketing that could be a weakness. General advertising is focused on creating awareness for a product. Here, the actual sales are not the current objective . The objective is to create as much awareness of the racket as possible in the Taiwanese market. Once such a perspective is created, then the product would sell itself. On the other hand, in the case of direct marketing, the approach is more to the point of generating sales right now. Where general advertising promotes response rates over a long time, direct marketing improves sales right now.
The operational objective of general marketing is to create a stronger brand position. However, in the case of direct marketing, increasing sales is the primary target and is not an afterthought. Every campaign in direct marketing is involved with so many sales . Therefore, for every customer that is contacted, a customer database would be maintained based on whether he or she bought the product and how much products he or she bought etc. Repeat customer sales are the backbone of direct marketing and it is observed that in such cases, they track and follow better than general advertisers.

A strong differentiation aspect must be presented when the Taiwanese Badminton Rackets Market works with direct marketing. Only when a strong differentiation is presented, then the application of direct marketing can be measured and improved. However, as research work of authors like Bauer & Migalautsch (1992) suggests that when consumer reactions are measured interactively, then there is no way to differentiate between traditional genera marketing tools and direct marketing. This is a weakness.
Much companies face a weakness in accepting that this small different in general marketing and direct marketing could create opportunities for them and this could be considered as a weakness. For instance, in the interview, the CEO of JNICE sports when asked for his opinion on direct marketing states that
It sounds like a great marketing tool, but maybe it is not that good in the market of badminton rackets. The problem is that we are not the kind of sports like basketball or football which can make a lot of profit or business opportunity. Badminton racket cannot make that much money, and that is the reason that why we don’t adopt direct marketing (database marketing) a lot. We prefer to act like a manufacture. We build things and sell them, keep it simple.
Here it is observed that the CEO does not view direct marketing to expand their market share or make more profits. The CEO wants to keep things simple and feel direct marketing will complicate the situation. However, in theory, direct marketing is less complicated as it provides a way for measuring consumer numbers and hence it can directly be connected to understand sales. In essence by not accepting the direct sales technique, the JNICE CEO would be accepting a less quantifiable and intangible technique for their promotions.

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