论文代写价格-价值创造周期,这个世界充满了可以让人们生活得更好的机会。确保标识足够的服务不可用性并以更好的方式提供标识的服务的行为称为价值创建周期。价值创造周期包括创新、商业模式创新、价值创造战略和市场评估等(Rothärmel, 2017)。不同的公司创造不同类型的价值,如Uber或Airbnb,创造客户价值或服务价值。为了创造价值,企业需要对市场进行评估,改进产品或服务,制定价值创造策略,使顾客或客户满意。接下来有关论文代写价格-价值创造周期分享给大家阅读。

The world is full of opportunities which can make the lives of its people better. The act that ensures identifying enough unavailability of service and providing identified service in a better manner is referred to as value creation cycle. Companies like Uber and Airbnb rely heavily on consumer content and evaluate customers experience to create value for other customers or clients. The old customer content, as well as experiences shared by old customers or clients in this regard, is considered and evaluated to create value for the future customers. Value creation cycle includes innovation, business model innovation, value creation strategies and market evaluation etc (Rothärmel, 2017). Different firm creates various types of value like Uber or Airbnb create customer value or service value. To create value, the companies required to evaluate the market, make thing or service better, make value creation strategies and make the customers or clients satisfied.
The global world has become a digital economic marketplace and is tending more towards digitalization of economy with advancement in technology. Sustainable success in a digital economy comes from improving customers, clients, channels and supplier’s experiences. Airbnb and Uber will be able to create value by making the connections or communications easier which the customers, clients or users see as valuable. organizations should evaluate the value that they receive from their customers. One of the methods of creating value is to determine how organizations should organize them in harvesting the best value of network effects to boost the quality of service, opportunity and user experience (Saloner, Shepard and Podolny, 2011). In Uber’s business and the Smartphone app make the customer and the drivers more valuable for the company as well as for each other. Airbnb’s digital app and websites add value to its business by making the process of access for inquiry or booking easier.

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