Mismatch in job and the skills of the employee

It is a massive issue which is relevant to the overall employee recruitment process. If an unsuitable candidate is selected than it can cause several problems for the employer and the organization as a whole. Organizations are unable to confirm the optimum recruitment phase for employees and this creates a massive problem.

Lack of training, career growth and development

Employees feel that they there is no growth potential in their job and there is no potential for promotion in the company. They don’t have any motivation to work with the company and want to leave the company (Allen et al, 2003). Being dissatisfied with growth and career potential is one of the biggest reasons employees want to switch their current job. If employees are not provided adequate growth for job opportunities in updating their skills, than they will certainly leave their current job.

Low Salary/ Compensation

Motivational theories presume that individuals develop beliefs about what constitutes a fair and equitable return for their contributions to their jobs. The assumption is then made that when an individual believes that their own treatment is not equitable, they will be motivated to take actions they deem appropriate. The problem of attempting to keep talented members of the work force is further complicated because of bounded rationality. This leaves colleagues who cannot improve their positions within the hierarchy more likely to remain with the organisation. This is often due to inadequate information on outstanding performance, therefore it is not recognises financially.