芝加哥论文代写-政党认同和识别的概念。政党认同是与市场上人们的心理有关的方面。在评价影响社会可得性的因素时,应考虑政党认同的各个方面。政党选择是政治学中最重要的环节。该报告将提供有关人民在选择政党时所考虑的因素的资料。影响人们投票给不同政党的因素有哪些,以及这些标志和符号如何帮助人们确定他们将投票给哪个政党。政党识别是政党识别所需要的方面,它将有助于投票给公众所需要的政党(Papageorgiou, 2010)。正确的政党识别是必要的,人们应该在选举中选择正确的政党,这可以为他们提供支持,帮助他们实现增长。大众与政治决策者之间的联系是当代民主研究的中心话题之一(Farrell, 2011)。人民在选举和确定政党时,需要关注多方面的问题。所有方面都应该被计划投票给政党的人考虑,并确保他们选出正确的政党(Mangum, 2014)。

With the surveys, it is evaluated that the factors help the people in identification of the parties. Parties are being identified on the basis of past experiences of the people with the party, helps and support provided by the party and background of the party (Gallagher et al., 2011). These are some of the factors which help in party identification in present time. Both the negative and positive aspects attached with the parties are taken into consideration to identify the party which could help in the development of the society. It is necessary that the political party should indulge in the aspects which could help the society to grow. People evaluate the past workings of the parties that are the policies and plans implemented by the party and whether they are in favor of the people of they are against them. These aspects help in identifying the party required to be voted by the people (Lewis, 2007).
There are various other factors such as social class, religion, age, education, gender, ethnicity and geography which help in determining the parties required to be voted. Like in Canada and Britain, people have the psychology of choosing the leader that could support them. People in Canada and Britain choose the political parties on the basis of the work done by them rather than on the basis of caste and gender (Hilmer, 2011). In the past, the culture that the people were following was different as they preferred to choose the political parties on the basis of caste, gender and the geography. Now a day’s people choose and identify them on the basis of the social work done by them. Things are changing over time and so are the psychologies of the people available in the society. It is evaluated that the people in previous time have the psychology of determining the political parties. It is required that the people should understand the things that they should vote the people who work for the entire society rather than working for the individual, caste or gender. It is necessary that all the aspects should be taken into consideration while identifying the political parties and vote should be provided to the one who will help the entire society to grow and will help in the development of the society (Groenendyk, 2015).
There are both long and short term factors available which help in determining the voting aspects of the people. In past only the people maintaining their class and are able to do so were allowed to make the voting decisions. Voting rights were not available for general public in previous times (Fazekas & Littvay, 2015). It has become important to consider the fact that people available in the society should be provided their right to choose (Hague et al., 2016). According to the article “Party systems in post- communist Central Europe: Patterns of Stability and Consolidation”, it could be understood that with the changing time, things have changed and so the choices and preferences of the people. At the present time, the leaders are chosen on the basis of their goodwill and the background of the work done by them for the society. The paper suggests that in previous time, people were not given the priorities to vote others. Time changed and so the priorities have changed, now the people have been given the priorities and are given the authority to select the political parties (Fatke, 2014).

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