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从这个角度来看,很明显,世界上甚至没有一个单独的社会主义国家。每个国家只有不同程度的社会主义。从广义上看,最社会主义的国家是中国。这是因为国有企业占中国劳动力和经济总量的60%以上。大多数社会主义国家的下一行主要来自欧洲国家,丹麦位居榜首(Askanius et al . 2015)。据CNN报道,丹麦是全球最幸福的国家,挪威、荷兰、瑞典、加拿大、芬兰和奥地利紧随其后。道德心理学家乔纳森·海特(Jonathan Haidt)在2013年出版的《正义的心:为什么好人会被政治和宗教分裂》(The justice mind: Why good people are divided by politics and religion)一书中指出,自由主义者有必要感到自己与他人平等,而保守派往往有一种凌驾于某些人之上的冲动。这就要求丹麦成为最适合美国自由社会主义者的国家。然而,丹麦民主社会主义最好的部分是工作和工人的价值(Gardner 2015)。
他们似乎明白,在一个不重视劳动的社会里,什么也不能发展,因此,等级和工人甚至比经理更受尊重。在丹麦社会,人们常常通过性格的强弱来判断一个人,而不是通过他们的职业地位或薪水来判断。会议计划在周末休假,不仅包括高层或中层人员,还包括工作场所的所有成员。每个人都有权发表意见。此外,大多数办公室都有一个用餐区或厨房,休息时间是社交聚会。尽管在丹麦工会成员不是强制性的,但仍有约80%有工作的男性和女性是工会成员。此外,丹麦的经济平等主义以集体谈判为核心。这意味着在没有政府的干预下,员工以及雇主都有能力在亲子关系期间就工资、工作、休假等问题进行谈判(Morris et al . 2015)。丹麦人重视工作与生活平衡的方式,仅仅是社会主义理论应用于丹麦多样化经济的结果,在丹麦,人们工作越多,就不考虑不健康和反社会。此外,高度以政治权力为基础的分散制度增加了丹麦的价值。


From this perspective, it becomes clear to state that there is not even an individual socialist state across the world. There only exist varying socialism degrees in each country. The most socialist if viewed from a general perspective is considered to be China. This is because of the enterprises being owned by state that account for more than 60 percent of the workforce and economy of China. The next line of most socialist nations is mostly from European nations with Denmark leading the list (Askanius et al 2015). According to CNN, it happens to be that Denmark is the happiest nation across the globe with Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Finland and Austria followed by it. According to moral psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, in his book, “The righteous mind: Why good people are divided through politics and religion”, (2013), it is essential for liberals to feel they are equal with everyone else while conservatives often have an urge to feel above to some. This calls for Denmark being the best fit for American liberal socialists. However the best part about democratic socialism in Denmark is the value of work and workers (Gardner 2015).
It seems that they understand nothing can be developed in a society where labour is disregarded and therefore ranks and workers are honoured more than even the managers. In the society of Denmark, people are often judged through character’s strength, not through their status professionally or the pay-check size. Conferences are planned for weekend getaway which include all members at the workplace not only higher level or mid-level people. Each person is given entitlement of expressing opinions. Most of the offices moreover are such that they have an eating area or kitchen place so that the breaks are social gatherings. Even though union membership is not obligatory in Denmark but still approximately 80 percent men and women with jobs are labour union members. Denmark’s economic egalitarianism furthermore has collective bargaining at its heart and ore. This implies that without the interference of the government, the employees as well as the employers have the ability of negotiating pay checks, jobs, leaves and leaves during paternity or maternity (Morris et al 2015). The way in which Danish value work and life balance is the mere result of socialism theory applied to the diverse economic of Denmark wherein people working more are not regarding not healthy and anti-social. Furthermore, the highly political power based decentralized system adds to the value with regard to Denmark.






Williams (1915) has been a supporter of bilingualism and supports the proposition that children learn two languages at a time in their childhood, their mother tongue and other language, then both languages help them to learn afresh at most times. The contention is good and supports the hypothesis, and matches the earlier authors and articles propositions of making children learn two languages at a time. The intermixing concept of the author is rather weak, which he proposes that the languages would have two distinct places and intermixing would hardly occur. But he does not provide a strong argument for the results of cognition, the clarity of communication, and the ability to express clear thoughts in a specific language. As language is an expressive way of communicating a specific feeling, concern, or any thought, it also must be supported with the vastest vocabulary so that the child is able to capture and control the communication to the best of his or her cognitive abilities and thoughts after being an adult.

Extensive knowledge and awareness of innovative words and their meaning are apparently the most essential element in the best types of and kind of communication, irrespective of the language and even the vastness of the vocabulary in the language itself. This article supports the teaching of two languages and it is tantamount to the supposed acceptance of parents, teachers, and guardians of children aged 3-5. In this analysis, it is to be judged whether the learning of two languages builds cognitive abilities, or the cognitive abilities –considered to be divinely imposed and different – in turn makes the learning of the languages more easier. This question will always be researched because unless the disparities in children’s cognitive abilities becomes equal, all comparison will have vague conclusions, far from what is right in its full sense.






Social media has transformed the ways in which people interact, socialize and interact on a daily basis. It has enabled people to share similar information and interests with their family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues through different social media platforms. However, the information shared on the social media websites is unfiltered and also there is a lack of officials and professional monitoring these sites. It is necessary that social media users and information consumers take the initiative to verify and evaluate the content or images which are being displayed before they make a decision to share it with others. The initiative will decrease the risk of propagating rumors, fake news and misinforming others. It has found that students are heavily engaged in the use of social media and art students are the greatest users in comparison to the science students. It has also been found that users with higher social media self-efficacy consider shared information through social media to be more reliable or trustworthy in comparison to users with lower in social media self-efficacy.

People are influenced by the opinions of others while evaluating the creditability of the online information, and self-efficacy imposes a significant impact on the perception and judgment of an individual. People, who depend on information through social media platforms, generally do not spend the time to evaluate the online information. It is important for people to realize the consequences of believing and trusting inaccurate information without verifying the information displayed on the social media platforms. The official emergency account on the social media sites can decrease the risk of exaggeration and misinformation. An appropriate communication line will provide the users a dependable and credible source of information and the users will be able to filter out deceiving information and rumors. Thus, it is very much important for the users to evaluate the source of information before sharing it.




根据随机漫步理论,股票的现有市场价格是机会的结果,而不是之前事件的总和或人类行为模型的结果。随机漫步理论被认为是一个激烈争论的话题,在学术学者、金融分析师和投资者之间存在着许多争论。一个活跃的交易股票的价格变动或价格变动被证明是随机的,因此任何对未来价格波动的预测都必须被认为是一个错误的练习(Bougioukou, 2015)。



作者Malkiel将随机漫步的概念和理论进行了扩展,提出了一种观点,即安全的主动交易是以下命题。正是由于交易成本的随机性,价格变动才说明作者提出的命题(Chitenderu, Maredza and Sibanda, 2014)。通过对不同的股票市场指数进行投资,买入并持有交易管理的理念,并将其与短期交易策略进行技术分析比较,认为这是一种较好的交易策略。


According to the random walk theory, a stock’s existing market price is a result of chance rather than the summation of previous events or the outcome of the model of human behaviour. The random walk theory is considered as a hotly debated subject, and there are many debates occur in this subject among the academic scholars, financial analyst and the investors. The individual prices movement or price changes of an actively traded stock are illustrated to be random and thus any prediction of future price fluctuations must be considered as a faulty exercise (Bougioukou, 2015).


According to the scholars who support the random walk theory, the future movement of the security price is widely unpredictable than the past one. The idea is the key for the random walk theory. In case the present market price of a stock is a full representation of the actual value of the stock, then there is not any way to analysis, which can give an appropriate insight into where the security price will move in future.
The author Malkiel made expansion of the concepts and theory of random walk by provide an argument that the active trading of security is the following proposition. It is because of the transaction cost random characteristics of the price movement which indicates the explanation of the proposition made by the author (Chitenderu, Maredza and Sibanda, 2014). The investment are implemented on different stock market indices to buy and hold philosophies of trade management and it is considered as far better trading strategy by Malkiel with comparing to the short term trading strategies by technical analysis.






























The Design for the future 372 is a program about exploring technologies. This will help in exploring various networking sites with their present and future trends, media used and designers.

Points to be kept in mind by a brand designer:

1.The image created by brand designer should be unique and easily distinguishable from the other similar products.

2.Brand must highlight the quality of the product in comparison to the other products of same category.

3.Colours used in designing brands must be such that they leave a lasting impression in the mind of consumers and make the brand easily recognizable.

4.A brand designer should make a brand which stand out of the crowd of numerous brands available in the market and its features must be clearly highlighted.

5.A brand must create a committed and devoted community for its products; it can be done by quality products.

Methods of Branding:

1.Traditional methods: Example; company letterhead, TV, radio & newspapers etc.

2.New methods: Examples; social networking sites, Viral marketing etc.

Future directions in the design industry:

  1. The industry belongs to the creative and innovative thinkers who are risk takers as well.
  2. The industry is all about imagination and knowledge. The far and fair imagination will surely be rewarded.
  3. Design industry will always welcome the talent which creates something new and unique.
  4. This industry has to be proactive in nature to be ahead of competitors.
  5. Flexibility and responsiveness will be of outmost importance in design industry.
  6. Prompt decision –making as per the changes taking place in the environment will be preferred.
  7. Uniqueness and quality will attract attention in design industry.

Impact of social media:

1.Social media helps in creating wider network with potential consumers.

2.It helps in improving relations both with consumers and the employees as well.

3.With the help of social media one can be updated with the latest happening all around the world and in all fields.

4.It’s easy to approach consumers all around the globe and of all classes.

5.It educates and empowers both the company and the consumers about each other.

6.Social media helps in increasing prospective sales by advertising at a large scale.

Conclusion: The future of design industry is highly dependable on social media as it’s a globally accepted and by a large portion of the population. So the designer of the brand should always work while keeping in mind social media as their main source of advertising and grabbing large market for their products. Social media is even cost effective.






The author has based his paper on secondary data sources. The author has considered peer reviewed journals. This paper is not confined to some particular industry, sector, and size of firm or revenue of the organization. In fact this paper is a generalized article which talks about management and leadership in any organization. The four leadership lever mentioned in the article can be applied to any organization. Leaders should have vision, values, ability to handle mistakes and influencing skills. These qualities are irrespective of the kind of firm or the size of the firm. In the current scenario, the organizations do need good leaders to manage the firm. The author talks on the same lines that management alone cannot change the working of the firm for the better. It is necessary for the management to identify leaders who can manage the firm well. The author talks about four levers of leadership. These levers of leadership are not confined to a particular industry. It is a general concept which can be imbibed by the people working in an organization to become good leaders (Hogan, 2011).

The author makes another statement that leadership is more insightful as compared to management alone. Thus the author advocates the idea that leadership and management should go hand in hand. Management is important in all the organizations but leadership gives dimension to management which helps in running the firm in the best possible way. Management is the science of how things should be managed and leadership is the art of managing an organization.









Dominos is a pizza delivery company. It offers take-out, delivery and sit-down restaurant services based on the franchising option. As of the year 2012 it owned more than 9,742 service centres and franchises. It is located in more than 70 international markets other than its home country-the United States. Its key business segments are hence domestic stores, domestic supply chain and international (Reuters, 2014). Having a domestic supply chain helps Dominos cut back on costs and this is an advantage compared to its competitors. In the supply chain arena, it operates around 16 regional dough manufacturing centres. It has a fully equipped supply chain management with equipment and supply facility centres, vegetable and dough processing centres and more. Dominos also offers variety to its customers which have enabled it to retain loyal customers for a better turnover. Some of the varieties that it offers are based on the pizza type, the size, the toppings etc. It also offers promotions and coupons as a form of customer loyalty program (Reuters, 2014).
Domestic stores
The domestic stores contribute to a greater part of the revenue of Dominos. In the year 2012 it was noted that its domestic segment earned as much as 32% of its consolidated revenue (Reuters, 2014). These sources include the store sales and the royalty payments that franchisees make to Dominos. Domestic stores operate under strict financial controls so as to have better financial transparency. Dominos provides operational audits and other marketing services to the stores.
Domestic supply chain
The domestic supply chain contributes to almost 56% of consolidated revenues. Here the company manages efficiency concerns by ensuring that pizza-related food products, spices etc are delivered to both the company owned and the franchise stores. The domestic chain supply meets most of the internal demands and this helps increase quality and reduces cost of product acquisition for franchisees. The company in fact has a profit sharing arrangement with the stores by having these integrated supply chain strategies. Dominos also applies innovation by using routing strategies, customizable software for supply chain management and more. This optimizes its business relationships with franchisees.



金融体系决定了一国经济的性质,经济的增长应该是强大的,金融体系的发展和促进各种投资和信贷的分配。然而,如果金融系统面临的一个问题,国家的基础是动摇了一切取决于此(波兰语,2009)。这是非常突出的,在美国的一些干扰因素,主要是所谓的系统性风险已经爬上了系统。最初的美国金融系统是不断变化的,大人们有资产是投资在不同的股票在经济更感兴趣(James Bullard,2009)。金融危机的本质就像房价的上涨超过了国家所看到的那样,非主流贷款急剧增加,利率的调整使得非原贷款利率上升。同时,这些非优质抵押贷款购买了银行系统,实行RMBMs或银行住宅按揭证券在其基础上。这导致高评级分配的抵押贷款证券机构,反过来又有助于创造购买非总理贷款。由于贷款的比例非常高,设置为默认的银行有人民币百万元,抵押担保债券投资者的抵押贷款制度(CMO)遭受重大损失(勒沃,2009)。
因此,我们看到不断增长的干扰或在美国金融系统的系统风险的出现。当资产持有者不能满足日益增长的流动性需求时。这被认为是传染性弱资产持有者面临的问题,通过对强大而稳定的资产持有人通过索赔(Byrne,2015)。由于信息不对称,系统性风险的性质不同于违约风险。这是见证当一个部分的艺术失败,以履行财务契约的期望。这清楚地强调了一个事实,当一个投资者或其任何同行都知道的公司,他们正在处理的是亏本的,有一个不稳定的情况下,这些投资者会停止与这些公司的业务前,就在雷曼兄弟目睹的情况下(Darryll Hendricks,2006)。


Financial system determines the nature of the economy of any country and the growth of this economy should be strong so that the financial system grows and facilitates various kinds of investments and allocations of credits. However if the financial system faces a problem the base of the country is shaken up as everything depends on this (Polski, 2009). This was very prominent in the US when some disturbing elements primarily called systematic risks had crept in the system. Initially the financial system of the US was ever changing and large and people having assets were more interested in investing their money in various stocks present in the economy (James Bullard, 2009). The nature of the financial crisis was like the prices of houses started shooting up more than the country had ever witnessed, there was sharp increase in the non-prime loans which had adjustable interest rates which in turn led to an increment in the non-prime loan percentage. Also, these non-prime mortgage loans were purchased by to banking systems that practiced RMBMs or residential mortgage bank securities on its basis. This led to high rating assignments of the mortgage securities by agencies which in turn contribute to the creation of purchasing non-prime loans. As a result the proportion of loans went very high and the system of the mortgage loans were set to default banks and investors having RMBM and collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) suffered substantial losses (Leverhulme, 2009).
Thus we see the growing disturbances or the emergence of systematic risks in the US financial system. It happened when the holders of assets we incapable to meet the increasing demands of liquidity. This is considered contagious as the problems faced by weak asset holders passes on to the strong and stable asset holder through claims (O’Byrne, 2015). The nature of the systematic risk varied from being default risk as a result of being asymmetric information. This is witnessed when there is failure on the art of a part to keep up to the expectation of a financial contract. This clearly highlights the fact that when an investor or any of its counterparts will get to know that the firm that they are dealing with is suffering a loss and has an unstable condition, these investors would stop preceding their business with these firms as it was witnessed in the Lehman Brothers case (Darryll Hendricks, 2006).








这些利率选择基于当前市场趋势据加拿大央行的官方网站。这些给的精确信息投资回报率为一个特定的一段时间,因为这些市场利率趋势实时利率。这些利率一般计算利率在现实市场情况(加拿大银行,2014年)。对于不同的投资期限,利率变化根据市场状况,因为这是明显的从上面的图所示为1个月,3个月、6个月和1 – 3年时间。变化速率为每一个时间,因为市场波动(加拿大出版社,2014年)。市场波动取决于各种因素例如通货膨胀率、GDP、政府政策等因素。



These rates are chosen based on the current trend in the market as reported by the official website of the Bank of Canada. These rates give the precise information for the invested return for a specific period of time as these rates are trending real time rates in the market. These rates are general calculated rates in the real market scenario (Bank of Canada, 2014).  For different durations of the investment, the rates changes based on the market conditions as this is evident from the above graphs shown for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1-3 years durations. The rate changes for each duration because the market is fluctuated (The Canadian Press, 2014). The market fluctuation depends on various factors for example inflation rate, GDP, government policies and more such factors.

From fall 2014 till October 2015, the interest rate will likely to increase as based on the below graphs for past 3 months trend. The trend shows that in Aug 2014, the interest is likely to be less as compared to the coming months. Though, after certain period of time (After 1 month around) the interest rate slashed down a lot and went in negative too but it recovered over the next month (Bank of Canada, 2014).